Application Areas

  • Ecommerce

    From the business perspective, your customers will be able to enjoy a seamless shopping experience as you offer them more accurate and highly reliable deliveries – anywhere in Africa. Whereas customers can now confidently shop online knowing that their goods will be delivered to the exact locations without issues.

  • Government

    By using digital addresses, governments can easily relay essential services to its citizens, ease the delivery relief aid and services to those affected which in turn can improve service delivery and foster economic growth while improving the livelihood of its citizenry

  • Logistics

    Increase efficiency in delivery services. Most deliveries fail due to poor location services or address systems. Digital addresses make delivery of goods and services more efficient thus saving time and improving services

  • Emergency

    When in need of emergency services, you don’t have to look for building or neighboring landmarks to direct those that are coming to help. Digital addresses drastically improves the delivery of emergency services but providing accurate locations of those in need

  • Travel

    Digital addresses make travel experiences easier, safer and better. No more frustrating phone calls and complicated directions to get to your hotel. Accommodations with digital addresses will all their visitors to reach them easily with less or no hustle.

  • UAV Future Ready

    The future of delivery is going to be powered by autonomous vehicles like drones. Digital addresses use precise coordinates which can easily be integrated in computer systems and machines